Air Conditioning Maintenance

MINI Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning system is the perfect environment for bacteria and bugs and if you don't keep on top of it you may come under attack from air con invaders. Regular servicing means you won't have to battle to stay cool, even when it's hot outside. And before you get all hot and bothered, we offer two types of air con servicing to defend your MINI's air con system:

Choose an Air Freshener if there are musty odours when you first switch on the engine, or when you adjust your air conditioning or temperature settings. If your air conditioning takes too long to reach the temperature you want, or if it will not reach it at all, choose an Arctic Blast.

*Please note that certain models require a different type of refrigerant gas which is dependent on production date. There is a possibility that your centre may incur an additional charge for these vehicles, please speak to your service advisor for further advice. Prices are subject to change and may vary across our centres.


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